W49-E Model

• Power supply (please select):
100 – 240 V/AC (60W)
or 24 V/DC Degree of protection: IP 54
• Net air pressure min: 4 bar
• Application unit: Dimension: 490 x 250 x 530 mm
Weight: 13 kg Finish: stainless steel
• Control unit: Dimensions: 1200 x 600 x 400 mm
Weight: 35 kg Finish: RAL 5012, powder coated
• Antislip Glue Type (Cold-Glue): Environmentally-friendly

Water-based and solvent-free
For foodstuff packaging
• Standard: CE- Reference
• Cleaning: Clean only with soapy water

• Precision-metering pump and optical flow control
• Automatic cleaning of pump cylinder (dead space)
• Closed system from the delivery container through
the nozzles with integrated filter
• Application head: Simple replacement of rollers
for cleaning
• Low-level-system and horn with interface to the PLC
of the palletizer
• Height Adjustment: Can be manually adjusted approx.
110 mm with a handle and automatically adjusted
by 100mm depending upon bag size
• Glue adjustment: Via adjustment screw and scale
• Change of delivery drum without stopping the
production process
• Quick connect: For easy change of the delivery container
• Skip gluing: The top layer through interface of PLC
can be integrated into all conveyer systems

• Pumping system: Precision-metering pump with 2
pump cylinders
• Application head: Application roller with pad roller
for distribution
• Application Pattern: Sponge roller application
• Adjustment: Via adjustment screw and scale
• Control: A proximity switch and a electr. 5/2 way
valve, controlled by application head, operates
the precision-metering pump