Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) is a combination of equipment and controls that handle, store and retrieve materials as needed with precision, accuracy and speed under a defined degree of automation. Systems vary from relatively simple, manually controlled ,computer-controlled storage/retrieval systems

Operation Description
  • Pallets delivered to inbound pick and drop station by forklift, conveyor, or AGV
  • System selects most optimum storage location
  • Single or double deep loads can be accommodated
  • Stacker Crane automatically stores and retrieves pallets from rack
  • High density pallet storage in manufacturing or distribution environments
  • Staging of pre-built mixed case pallets prior to shipping
  • Ambient, chilled or freezer environments
  • Maximum storage capacity with minimum storage footprint reduces building and land costs (Maximum Height 40 m)
  • Multi-deep options provide higher storage density
  • Reduces storage and retrieval labour and costs
  • Improved inventory and shipping accuracy
  • Selective access ensures correct FIFO
  • Significant energy cost reduction in freezer and chiller applications
  • Secured inventory and reduced damage