Tie downs secure products and equipment in place during transport or while in storage. They are specifically designed to hold loads in place on trucks, trailers, rail cars, ships and other freight carriers. We stock a large variety of tie down hardware, including cam buckle, ratchet, over-center buckles, double J hooks, s-hooks, d-rings and e-track fittings.

All tie downs are labeled with their working load limit. Working Load Limit is defined as the maximum load a component or assembly should be subjected to during routine use. We strongly recommends the ‘’working load limit’’ does not exceed 1/3 the component and/or the assembly rated capacity.

Tie down is reusable, cost effective and using polyester webbing & ratchet buckle and has replaced ropes, chains and wires used for all transportation. The ratchet buckle provides the tensioning force. The tension is uniform and locking mechanism ensures that the tension is retained till it is unlocked. This ensures complete locking of strap in position and also provides unlocking mechanism which is safe and fast. Polyester webbing has the least of elongation (less than 7 %) and is strong, soft and safe to use. We also stock a variety of webbing widths sun-resistant polyester. This webbing can be supplied in rolls or in lengths cut to order.

Common sizes

– 1” tie down rated capacity 500-1000 kg
– 1.5” tie down rated capacity 2000-3000 kg
– 2” tie down rated capacity 5000-6000 kg
– 3” tie down rated capacity 10000 kg

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