Highly active Alkaline cleaner for removing mineral oil stains. NOWA tannin and NOWA frigo are suitable to use for workshop floor, engines and machines.

Nowa Tanin

Fat and oil remover


The building care product group of TANA professional consists a variety of high performance floor and surface cleaner. Which are TIMBER lamitan is the wood care product, LONGLIFE polish and LONGLIFE complete are emulsions & primers. TANET SR15 and SR15F are the maintenance cleaning. LINAX complete is the floor stripper, TAWIP innomat and TAWIP original are maintenance care and TANEX vivaceram for heavy duty cleaners.

Tanet SR 15

High Performance Floor & Surface Cleaner


High performance kitchen cleaner. Highly Alkaline, low lather and lightly perfumed. Also ware washing products gives you the options you need to keep all of your glasses, dishes in brilliance.

Grease Superclean

Multi-purpose kitchen cleaner

Energy perfect

High-performing dishwashing detergent

Brillant Perfect

High-performing rinse aid


Quick & Easy has been recognized with the innovation award in the category cleaning products. The innovative system for mobile, exact dosing and safe working, combined with highly sustainable and powerful formulations. The Quick & Easy cleaning system, is a portable automatic dosing system that requires no installation, no maintenance and no instructions.

Grease Off Quick & Easy

Universal kitchen degreaser

Tanet Interior Quick & Easy

Universal Surface Cleaner

Sanet Daily Quick & Easy

Sanitary maintenance cleaner