Mini Load

Handles loads typically in small containers and totes, or product itself in small size and light weight. Mini Load stacker crane provides dynamic and sharp performance with high velocity in excellent energy efficiency. Its handling devices can be flexibly designed to accommodate various types and sizes of load. Outstanding speed and precise performance may well be key benefits especially when high throughput handling is required, as keeping storage density. SMC Mini Load design ensures the highest quality and reliability while providing the ability to tailor it to best fit each customer’s request.

Operation Description
  • Cases, totes or pans are delivered by conveyor to automated container buffer stores utilising Multishuttle or RapidStore Miniload systems
  • System automatically selects optimum storage location
  • Stacker Crane automatically store/retrieve stock to/from rack
  • High density case, tote or pan storage in manufacturing or distribution
  • Staging of pre-picked mixed SKU totes prior to shipping
  • Suitable for ambient, chilled or freezer environments
  • Maximum storage capacity; minimum footprint
  • Reduced building and land costs
  • Multi-deep options and variable case size storage capability
  • Reduces storage and retrieval labour and costs
  • Improved inventory and shipping accuracy
  • Selective access ensures correct FIFO
  • Secured inventory and reduced damage