Across all industries, transporting products in standard shipping containers can be exposed the goods to severe temperature fluctuations. In many case, this will lead to irreversible damage.

As a result, The Insulation Liner is a fully woven reflective liner which is hung into dry container. With the liner, it will protect temperature & humidity fluctuate and controlled environment for the goods inside container. The Insulation eliminates heat transfer by reflecting up to 97% of the radiant heat and preventing hot or cold air coming through the sealed liner, which would affect the goods.

The Insulation Liner offers more than the alternatives. It is more cost effective and better performing than bubble wrap thermal blankets and is much cheaper, stronger and easier to install than other types of liners. ETL does not require the use of double sided adhesive tapes, glues, mechanical blowers, etc.

The product is specifically designed for usage in general purpose ISO shipping container 20’ 40’ and pallet cover size.