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HIGH SPEED DOOR is the BEST solution to protect work environment.
Incredible effects to the environment and air- conditioning.

Main Feature :
• Dust proof , Insect proof
• Wind proof , cold proof
• Wind resistant, pressure resistant
• High speed opening and closing
• High grade airtight
• High durability
• Less maintenance
• Energy saving
• Improve working efficiency

Technical data :
Product origin : Product Made in Japan 100%
Market share : Number 1 in Japan market
Maximum width 10 m (Pipe type)
Self repairing system (Pipeless type)
Speed opening /closing: Approximate 1.0 m/s
Operating noise reduced 10 %
New engine model Opening high speed 2.0m/sec
Controller: Built in frame / Separate cotroller

Power supply: 220 Volts / Single phase / 50 Hz
Output power : 0.55-1.5KW
Protection Rating : IP55
Operating temperature : -40 °C -70 °C
Arrestor circuit implement
Motor: DC Brushless included invertor and encorder
Controller: Built in frame / Separate controller
Arrestor circuit implement

Control System
• Schnider inverter control system
Steel frame structure :
Oyster white
Standard Operation
• Control box and buttons of both side
Sheet :
Sheet material: Soft Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Colors available : Semitransparent (White /Orange /Green), Opacity (Blue /Orange / Black / Sliver)
Bottom sheet blended : Rat-protection
Standard Safety
• Photo cells of both sides.
• Touch sensor at bottom part.(Wireless is an option)
• Alarm Light
Emergency opening
• Manual swing bar available to open the door in emergency case of power failure
Optional operation methods
Radar opening detect moving object for fully automatic operation.
• Remote control for semi-automatic operation
• Vehicle detector for truck detection only.
• Pull chord switch for semi-automatic operation by driver.