CarriBulk Liner

CarriBulk Liners are designed and fabricated for transportation of dry bulk products. No matter how your product is powder, grain, pellet, chip, clinker, etc.

• Agri Liner
Cargo applicable : Malts, Starch, Rice, Sugar, Coffee beans, etc.
• Petro Liner
Cargo applicable : PE, PP, PC, PVC, Carbon black, Cement, Calcium, etc.
• Protective Liner
Cargo applicable : Wet hide, Fish mill, Mining

You can ensure the simple practical installation loading and unloading with less time consume. More cost effective and environment friendly.

The whole CarriBulk liner made of fabricated multi-layer co-extruded polyethylene film (PE) in tubular from so that the liner has no sealing line along the body which allow CarriBulk to protect product completely from moisture and contamination.

CarriBulk Liner is produced under industrial standard such as ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, GMP & HACCP, Carbon Foot Print and Halal.