Cargo net are useful for so many jobs, it’s ideal for holding oversize loads. Whether on the jobsite, at home, or even camping, boating and other recreational uses, Cargo net can bundle together items easily and safely provide an affordable way to keep merchandise in place whether it is on a pallet or on a high storage rack.

Bungee material has the elasticity and strength to make the ultimate cargo net. Our pallet securing net and load securing net, which are durable enough to be used over and over again, are smart alternatives to shrink wrap, they are reusable, provide a cleaner appearance. They leave none of the waste shrink wrap creates at delivery. Cargo net protect light to heavy weight applications and come in standard sizes but can be made to custom specifications in order to cater to the needs of specific situations.  All are tough and durable.

We also supply pallet nets to protect goods from falling off storage racks, pallet racks, conveyors or shelves with our pallet nets. They are easy to install and dismantle to remove or access material stored on the rack to reduce product loss and keep people safe. Safety precautions must be taken in warehouses and areas with racks or bay systems.

Polypropylene fabric jacket resists abrasion and UV rays, and stands up to harsh weather condition. Several types of hook designed with PVC material to prevent from scratching. The hooks are very strong and durable for heavy-duty performance and can be removed and configured for your particular needs. It also conveniently rolls into compact size for storage after use.

Cargo net come in standard sizes which are

100 x130 cm – Standard roof rack
100×160 cm – Long size roof rack, extra cab pick-up
120 x210cm – Full size pick-up
180x180cm – Warehouse pallet net

Custom specifications can be made in order to the needs of specific situations.
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