Versatile load moving from 5 to 150 tons

AeroGo® Aero-Planks are simple to operate and easily configured for a variety of load moving applications. Designed for applications where the load is long and narrow, simply slide two or more Aero-Planks under the load for ease of movement and positioning. Load movement is easy, ergonomic, and omnidirectional, which is useful in confined spaces. Aero-Planks use the efficiency of fluid film technology to float heavy loads on a near-friction less film of air.

Advantages to Moving Heavy Loads with Air Caster Technology:

  • Low profile
  • Low friction – no floor damage
  • Economical and reliable
  • Flexible  for a variety of applications
  • Easy omnidirectional multi-positioning
  • Precise positioning without floor damage compared to traditional material handling equipment methods.
  • Ergonomic – reduces lift hazards
  • Utilizes existing shop air
  • Aero-Casters meet ASME specifications